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The twall® D is the optimal training device for all age groups and fitness or movement levels, from physically limited players to professional athletes. Whether it's short training sessions with brain or sports games or competitions in multi-player mode - the twall® D ensures that you enjoy movement and keep a clear head. At the same time, it can be played almost silently and is completely disinfectable.


twall® D1

The twall® D1 is the smallest twall® configuration of the D series, consisting of a closed module with 36 action fields. This results in a movement radius of 88 x 88 cm. With its easy-to-clean surface and classy look, the twall® D1 is particularly popular in offices or coffee shops, but also in clinics or rehabilitation centers.  The twall® D1 can be used both stationary mounted and mobile.

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twall® D2

The twall® D2 consists of two closed modules with a total of 72 action fields.  This makes the playing area twice as large as that of the twall® D1 and half as large as that of the twall® D4, with a movement radius of 176 x 88 cm. Thanks to the compact intermediate size with a large playing surface as well as the almost silent playing possibilities (sensors), this variant is often used in socio-cultural centers, schools or leisure centers. The twall® D2 can be mounted stationary as well as mobile.

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twall® D4

The twall® D4, consisting of 4 closed modules, is the most sophisticated and largest twall® configuration of the D series. 144 action fields provide numerous possibilities for movement motivation. The large playing surface results in a movement and action radius of 176 x 176 cm. The size of the twall® D4 combined with the high number of action fields makes the model an all-rounder, especially recommended for medical facilities and hotels. The twall® D4 can be used both stationary mounted and mobile.

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The twall® can be expanded with various accessories, such as the optional 10" control panel or the MiLED display . If desired, the twall® A can be configured for your individual use. Let us advise you.


This is the twall® D

a soft touch is enough
surface completely disinfectable
unlimited application possibilities
expandable with further modules

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The functional principle is very simple: LEDs that light up under software control must be switched off by touch. The reaction times as well as errors (for example incorrectly activated fields) are stored and serve to evaluate the reaction speed or concentration.


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