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The new twall® A combines the proven features of the twall classic and raises them to a new technological level that offers even more possibilities. What has remained is the chase of sequentially lighting up LED lights in combination with maximum stability and the typical acoustic feedback. Various competition modes and games make the twall® A a unique training, game and event system.

twall® A16

The twall® A16 is the smallest twall® configuration in the A series. With 16 button elements, the compact playing surface is ideal for a movement radius of approximately 95 x 95 cm. This variant is particularly popular in sports and fitness studios as well as in event catering. The twall® A16 can be mounted stationary as well as mobile.

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twall® A32

With 32 touch elements, the twall® A32 forms a compact intermediate size for any application - enough fields to really let off steam and yet compact enough to leave enough space. The playing area results in a movement radius of approximately 180 x 90 cm. This variant is particularly popular in schools and leisure centers. The twall® A32 can be installed stationary as well as mobile.

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twall® A64

With a movement and action radius of approx. 180 x 180 cm, the twall® A64 is the largest twall® configuration available. 64 button elements can bring the player to top athletic performances. Depending on the program, they have to jump or sprint at lightning speed. The twall® A64 is preferred for high-performance sports, fitness centers, rehabilitation and events. The twall® A64 can be mounted stationary as well as mobile.

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The twall® can be expanded with various accessories, such as the optional 10" control panel or the MiLED display . If desired, the twall® A can be configured for your individual use. Let us advise you.


This is the twall® A

withstands any blow
WLAN + Bluetooth
proven touch surfaces
distinctive feedback
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The functional principle is very simple: LEDs that light up under software control must be switched off by touch. The reaction times as well as errors (for example incorrectly activated fields) are stored and serve to evaluate the reaction speed or concentration.


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