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The twall® is one of the most versatile interactive systems for individual movement motivation. It combines intensive training of coordination and reaction in a playful way and picks up the player at his abilities. This makes it equally suitable for young and old and for training support in the area of rehabilitation up to competitive sports, but also for active leisure time activities in schools. In the event sector it has proven itself as a visitor magnet both at trade fairs and business events.

One for all - and many things.

DThe versatile application possibilities of thetwall® are good arguments for investing in a modern training device. With this product series, a new kind of concept for movement motivation through light impulses has been developed.


therapy & rehabilitation * event & promotion * exergaming, fit & fun

different models - fun and games for every occasion

The functional principle is very simple. LEDs that light up under software control must be switched off by touch. The reaction times are stored and are used to evaluate the reaction speed. Depending on the game, this can be used for coordination and reaction exercises, endurance training, direct competitions between two players (or more) and even rehabilitation exercises.

twall® A models

The twall® A is a new edition of our classic with the typical twall® sound that attracts attention even from a long distance. With its particularly stable construction, it easily withstands powerful punches and kicks, making it an all-rounder for high-energy training sessions.

twall® A models

twall® D models

The twall® D responds to touch and can therefore be operated almost silently. As a result, it integrates particularly well in noise-sensitive environments such as offices, schools or hospital/nursing facilities. The surface can be completely disinfected. Whether it's a mental exercise or a sporting competition, the twall® D can handle it all.

twall® D models

twall® S

The twall® S is the adaptation of the twall® D in table form. This variant brings people not only to play but also to talk and is thus excellently suited for the interactive staging of any event.

twall® S models

What makes the twall® so special?

large game selection
more than 100 games available
suitable for any age
5-99 years
versatile applicable
applications from sports and games to training and events
safety and quality
CE certification + made in Germany
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eyecatcher at every event

crowd puller


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The functional principle is very simple: LEDs that light up under software control must be switched off by touch. The reaction times as well as errors (for example incorrectly activated fields) are stored and serve to evaluate the reaction speed or concentration.


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